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2019 College Student Budgets

We all know the cost of a college education. Having government funding has taken the sting out for some people, but most of us have had to carry the burden of student loans for decades after we graduated.
A little research shows where we are and what the 2018-19 freshman can expect.
The College Board: Trends in Higher Education shows that the average student in the 2017-2018 school year paid:

Four Year Public Residential (annual)
Tuition – $9,970 (in state) /$25,620 (out of state)
Board and Room – $10,800
Total – $20,770 to $36,420
Four Year Private Nonprofit Residential (annual)
Tuition – $34,740
Board and Room – $12,210
Total – $46,950
In contrast, Monticello College at $5,950 per year, comes in at 85% less expensive than the average four year college in America.
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