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Monticello College 2021 Events

Every year Monticello College holds a series of events on campus for locals and visitors alike. While we are a work college, we are still a college and have a rigorous academic program which is reflected in our offerings to the public such as the Lyceum Lecture Series, the Permaculture Design Certification and our annual fall concert.

Review our Schedule of events and join us on campus. Bring your boots and fishing pole.

MC Micro Semesters
Four Micro Semesters in 2021

Monticello College offers an intense experience for inquiring students who want to investigate the college without a full semester or year tuition obligation.

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San Juan Permaculture Institute
August 10, 2021 - August 21, 2021

Get your permaculture design certification right here on the Monticello College campus.

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Lyceum Lecture Series

A series of Friday night “continuing education” lectures for San Juan County residents.

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