MC Micro Semesters

Monticello College offers an intense experience for inquiring students who want to investigate the college without a full semester or year tuition obligation.

Read what summer 2019 and 2020 students are saying:

“The Micro-semester was the perfect environment to reconnect me with nature. The hikes, projects, and experiences brought me an appreciation for nature, hard work and sacrifice. I love getting up early, bundling up by the fire, eating lots of greens, and being in nature. The discussions were invigorating, the challenge is rewarding, and the friendships lasting.”

—Connor Craig – Provo, Utah - 2019

“I came to the Monticello College for the micro semester because I wanted to know what this college was about. After arriving I found that is was so much different and so much cooler than what I had thought. Everyone should come to this college because you get to experience what real life is like, you get to learn how to take care of yourself instead of relying on others.”

—Clara Schmidt – Corvallis, Oregon - 2020

"I attended two consecutive Micro-semesters at Monticello College this summer. I loved the classes, we had great discussions and it was good to discuss ideas with other students who also care about important things. My favorite part was the Permaculture Design Course. I learned about the land and became more aware of God’s creations and the how the patterns of those creations work. It was a valuable experience, not just to get to know more about the college, but the time with the animals, being out in nature, and reading and discussing the Great Books was well worth the cost. I made long lasting friendships. What a great introduction to the liberal arts and the manual arts. I was challenged—it was fun—I am inspired."

— Abigail Levie – Mapleton, Utah - 2019

“I love the hands-on parts of the curriculum here, we can work on things physically and learn how to do things and then take them home to apply them in our lives. For example, a couple of weeks ago we helped build a straw bale house here on campus, and it was really cool to see that process.”

— Josh Williams – Eagle Mountain, Utah - 2020

"If you want an introduction to a great education, attend a Micro-semester at Monticello College. I have learned many great ideas from the few classes I had the privilege to attend during my all too short stay here. The living campus is amazing to experience. Caring for animals, tending the orchard and greenhouses, and learning different aspects of construction were all very enjoyable and enlightening. If these things interest you, there is no better place to experience them than at Monticello College."

— Weston Hyer – Bonner Ferry, Idaho -2019

I really love the whole liberal arts education aspect. My favorite part was the book discussions that allowed us to go in-depth in the book and get a ton of different perspectives.

— Ezra Walker – Amity, Oregon -2020

Program Details:

$1,300 covers tuition, board, and room for 26 days of full campus life.

Students must be at least 16 years of age and agree to the following:

  • Purchase and bring to campus, all books applicable to micro semester
  • Obey faculty and follow all campus rules, programs, and traditions
  • Have all pre-readings completed before arrival
  • Give 100% participation during the micro semester

Monticello College offers 4 micro semesters in 2021.

2021 Micro Semester One: - June 4 – 29 (5 students max.)

2021 Micro Semester Two: - June 22 – July 18 (5 students max.)

2021 Micro Semester Three: - August 3 – 29 (5 students max.)

2021 Micro Semester Four: - September 1 – 27 (5 students max.)


Registration Process:

1. Call or email for a student interview before March 1, at (435) 590-1661 or

2. Pass interview

3. Pay tuition thru payment processing below:

Register Here
$ will be charged to your card.