San Juan Permaculture Institute

Introduction to Permaculture Design & Georgics Communities

“The only ethical decision is to take responsibility for our own existence and that of our children”

—Bill Mollison, Founder of Permaculture

“"Georgics is a lost cultural ideal that the founders worked hard to inculcate into American society. Georgics is what made Greece and Rome great. Georgics is what healed Europe after the fall of Rome and georgics was the foundation for making America the greatest land of liberty in the world.

'Permaculture is a modern day georgics movement that will heal the soil and rejuvenate communities, making them resilient against future hardships." ”

—Dr. Shanon Brooks - President Monticello College
This class is taught by mentor Josh Choate, Director of Living Campus Operations, Monticello College.

Gain a clear vision for building your soil and community though Permaculture Design and Georgics Paradigm!


  • Lecture 1 | Principles of Natural Design
  • Lecture 2 | How to Build a Georgics Community
  • Lecture 3 | Life in The Soil, The Key to Soil Building and Everything Else
  • Lecture 4 | How to Plant a Food Forest, Introduction to Garden Farming

Day 2

  • Lecture 5 | Speaking The Language of Nature, Pattern Language Basics
  • Lecture 6 | ‘Farmaceuticals,’ Introduction to Herbal Nutrition and Medicine
  • Lecture 7 | How to Design Like a Genius, For Dummies
  • Lecture 8 | Perma-prepping, Preparing for the Worst by Living the Best

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