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Abigail’s Oven: A New Entrepreneurial Venture

Long time friends of mine, Allen and Martha Levie are approaching the first year anniversary of their family business – Abigal’s Oven in Provo,Utah.
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I recently spent a week working in this sourdough bread bakery and experienced the hours and work schedule of a bread maker.
UntitledAbigail’s Oven is a local family bakery.
Little Abigail started this door-to-door venture when she was ten years old and it has grown into a family business that now serves thousands in their local community.
Often, this is the only bread that their gluten intolerant or diabetic customers can eat.
This is also a favorite bread of health enthusiasts, providing a healthful high-carb alternative to commercial yeast breads.
By searching the history of bread making they discovered the hidden truth of healthy, sustainable, good tasting sourdough bread using only three ingredients: wheat, salt, and water.
Allen dutch ovenTheir ancient natural leavening process is the secret to gluten free, commercial yeast free, fermented, low glycemic, unbromated, no-pesticide, non-GMO, “better than organic” bread.
Abigail’s Oven uses only wheat from local non-GMO, non-pesticide farmer Grant Evans at West Mountain Wheat and salt from Redmond Minerals or Real Salt, again a local premium salt supplier.
Bread in handThey bake nearly five days a week and supply thousands of customers in the Utah Mountain West including the Real Foods and Good Earth outlets in Utah County.
They are just now developing local weekly bread drops (just like the food trucks that meet people where they are on a regular schedule) and supplying food co-ops all over Utah and Salt Lake counties. Learn more about this historic and health promoting bread by calling 435 590 1661.
I am writing this post because I want to applaud the Levie’s and all other small family businesses in America. The foundation of America is family business and the more we return to this model the faster America will heal herself.
SeedAllen Levie is especially interested in healing communities through bread.  The simplified version of his vision is to start with the construction of a community bread oven.  Owned collectively, the neighborhood and surrounding neighborhoods would come together and bake weekly bread and build community bonds in the process.
Abigail’s Oven  sourdough bread is very tasty and a perfect way to consume healthy non-toxin complex carbohydrates. More and more people who suffer from gluten intolerance, diabetes, and a host of other ailments are finding that this bread is a welcome addition to their diet.
At the Spanish Fork Farmers Market a couple of months ago a woman begged Allen to never close his bakery because his bread was the only bread she could eat considering her health problems.
For Allen, this is reason enough to get up at 4:00am.
Be sure to visit any Real Foods and Good Earth outlet in the Utah Mountain West .

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