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American Lands Council

A state has the right to control the land within its borders. No brainer, right?
I wrote about this topic eight months ago while I was working at the Utah Legislature. It was important then and it is just as important today.
This post is targeted to any state west of Colorado.  Way back when states began to form beyond the original thirteen, the framers decided upon a method of state creation that would be fair to all new states and old states alike.
This has come to be known as the “Equal Footing” doctrine.  In essence, all new states must be created and given the same rights and access to land as the old states.
For all states west of Colorado, this has not happened.  Many of these western states have serious financial concerns that could be rectified if they had the power to tax “all” of the land within their borders, but they don’t.
If you live in one of the western states discussed above, I strongly encourage you to visit the websites below (click on the icons) and invest 30 minutes to become more educated about this fundamental state right.
We owe it to Ken Ivory and his team who are working hard to protect the fundamental rights the framers envisioned for the states.


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Comments (2)

  • Gene F. Danforth

    It is about time that someone spoke up on this subject. We need to take our land back from the Feds. There is no authority in the Constitution for their controling all the land they rule over.
    William C. Hayward wrote a book titled ” How The West Was Lost”. It is nothing short of THEFT what Washington has done to the States. Those who have read scripture can easily identify the process that has/is taking place. It will continue untill the people stand up aginst the tyranny. And return the God.
    We will fail to see any improvements untill the people study the Constitution and demand our leaders adhere to it. Get rid of them if they do anything other.
    Gene F. Danforth
    Danbury, N.H.

    August 28, 2012 at 9:41 am
  • JS

    I can see UN Agenda 21 implemented in the West much faster and sooner than in the East due to the control the Federal government holds on the land. Although the fight to give back to the states the land that should be under their control will be mainly fought in the West it is important to us all. This is about much more than taxes on a state wide level.
    New York

    August 28, 2012 at 10:46 am

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