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America’s Cultural Revolution

Beginning in the late 60’s through 1976, China experienced the Great Proletarian Cultural Revolution that literally transformed the country, removing the last remnants of traditional Chinese culture and social structure. Mao, the architect of the revolution, working against his own party, declared that “to rebel is justified.” He incited a typical soviet style “class struggle” and all across the nation China’s youth and some urban workers responded by rioting and looting under the guise of the newly formed “Red Guards” and other rebel groups which began holding “struggle sessions”  and grabbing power from local governments and CPC (Communist Party of china) branches as early as 1967.

I bring this up because much of what is happening right now in our country looks eerily like what I have read in history and what is outlined so well in Jung Chang’s Wild Swans. The Cultural Revolution was little more than a political power struggle between factions in the communist party. Today in America, the same tactics are being used for the same reasons by the liberals against the conservatives, especially during election cycles.

The problem is that we are not a communist nation, not a monarchy, and not a democracy. We are a Republic of laws, a nation that maintains its order and sanity by holding all citizens to the same standards of conduct.

I am appalled by how quickly elected officials and regular citizens alike have caved under the rhetoric, demands, violence, and looting of the mob. Any and all police brutally, regardless of the skin color of the victim or the officer is unjustified and should be dealt with quickly and to the fullest extent of the law. People have a right to be upset and to peaceably protest, but the second lives are endangered or property damaged, the protest has turned into a riot and that illegal activity should be ended using as much force as required as quickly as possible.

Antifa and BLM are the “Red Guard” of the revolution plaguing our nation, but unlike China, the US is a nation that has a long history of not tolerating the criminal activities of assault, plunder, and destruction of private and government property. Why are these riots, assaults and killings, plundering, and destruction of property being tolerated? Injustice is not limited to one race or group, and has scourged every race or group that now inhabits this county. Regardless the injustice, no group has the “right” to violate the rights of others… for any reason.

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