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An Apple Orchard Is Born!

Orchard and Blue Mountains 4
Our “Blue Mountains” In The Background

We are so grateful to all the donors who helped raise the $8,000 + to fund this orchard and to Joelle Mancuso – CA (MC Trustee) who managed the entire fund raising project every day for over a month.
Who’s The Boss Around Here? Maddy’s Pretty Sure She Is.

A super big thank you to the volunteers who helped our students make this orchard dream a REALITY by planting 65 – apple, pear, and nut trees under budget and with 1/2 a day to spare.
Students mod
These Girls Can Give You A Run For Your Money When It Comes To Hard Work

On Campus Students:
(left to right)
Noelle Dupuis, Idaho Falls, ID
Rebecca Georgeson, Boise, ID
Dani Nieman – Benton City, WA
Hailey Hardman, Highland, UT
Heather Fuqua, Petaluma, CA
Ben Brooks, Monticello, UT (not pictured)
Planting Trees2
These People Know How To Work

MC Student - 2032 So Dang Cute
MC Student – 2032
So Dang Cute

Willam Downer – NV
Leigh Ann Downer – NV
Greg Downer – NV
Madilyn Downer – NV
William Downer (the smaller) – NV
Surveying What's Been Done, And What's Left To Do
Surveying What’s Been Done, And What’s Left To Do

Bella Downer – NV
Emma Leigh Downer – NV
Rosanna Downer – NV
Levi Downer – NV
Lori Mitchell – UT
Brent Mitchell – UT
creative copy
Brandon Mitchell (MC Mentor) – UT
Malinda Severn – UT
Kerry Severn – UT
Pete Ortiz – CA
Deena Ortiz (MC Trustee) – UT
Ben Brooks – UT
Julia Brooks – UT
Samantha Brooks – UT
Just Beginning To Snow As We Begin To Prepare The Orchard Ground
Just Starting To Snow As We Begin To Prepare The Orchard Ground

The Orchard IS Nearly Completed
The Orchard Is Nearly Completed

Lunch Time
Lunch Time

Securing fencing1 copy
Deer “Proofing” Our Trees


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