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Can Monticello College Accept GI Bill Funding?

Enrollment for the 2016 Monticello College academic year is filling up (remember, we run from mid-April to mid-November as an active farm campus).
I have a number of potential students who have asked me about the GI Bill. I love working with former or active military personnel. They have a maturity about them that they have earned by way of their service.
But I have never used the GI BILL and I do not have anyone on my staff that is familiar with it.
So I need your help.
I am looking for someone to counsel me who has expertise in the GI Bill. Monticello College is a non-accredited college which usually precludes access to federal funding.
Is the GI Bill considered federal funding?  I have a dozen other questions with no time to research them so I could really use the help of an expert.
If you can help me, please call my cell phone at 435 590-1661 or email me at

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