Give to Monticello College

Give to Monticello College

Monticello College is equal parts cause and college

Whereas alumni and family members comprise the vast majority of the donor population at other colleges, Monticello College is fortunate to draw support from both its existing community and from people and organizations whose only tie to the college is a strong belief in what we do.

The Monticello Fund

This fund is the lifeblood of Monticello College and the most direct way you can fund campus construction, scholarships, and the endowment.

Why give to the Monticello Fund?

  • Because nearly 100% of all donations go to the construction of the campus building, roads, off-grid power generation plant, and food growing operations.
  • Because experiential education requires axes, snowshoes, and airfare. Your gift helps Monticello College students get out into the world.
  • Because our faculty have chosen to follow their passions, and modeling that behavior encourages our students to do the same. Your gift to the Monticello Fund helps us attract and retain the best faculty possible.

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In-Kind Donations

An in-kind donation is a non-cash donation to a 501(c)(3) charity. People can make two different types of contributions to a 501(c)(3) charity: cash donations or in-kind donations. A cash donation is a transfer of funds to the organization. An in-kind contribution includes all other types of donations.

When a nonprofit organization receives an in-kind contribution, the charity records the gift as revenue. To determine the amount of revenue, the charity must value the in-kind contribution at its fair market value on the date of the donation.

In-kind donations include goods or services, other than cash transfers. For example, in-kind donations include products such as computers, furniture, clothing, or office equipment. Services include donating meeting space, transportation, copying services, or administrative services.

You can also donate expertise to a charity, such as providing legal or accounting services. Finally, you can give cash equivalents, such as stocks or bonds. All of these gifts constitute in-kind contributions.

Taxability of In-Kind Contributions

For individuals making in-kind contributions, donors can take a tax deduction for the fair market value of the donation. However, donors cannot deduct for any time or services contributed to a 501(c)(3) organization. The donor can only deduct the cost of any out-of-pocket expenses for which the donor has receipts.

The charity cannot provide the donor with the fair market value of the in-kind donation. Determining the value of the donation is the responsibility of the donor.

If you have an item that you would like to donate, please call 435 590 1661. The donation committee will respond within 10 business days.

Monticello College needs for 2023

Gas Convection Oven – Wolf Brand

Gas 6 Burner Range/Griddle/Double Oven – Wolf Brand