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Entrepreneurial Gym Owners Shift to Network Marketing As A Better Way Of Life

imagesIf you haven’t felt the economic crunch…. you really should have someone check you for a pulse.
The clash between the Old Industrial Age and the New Computer Age is in full swing and is re-shaping where we work and how we earn our money.  With unemployment statistics on the rise and the instability of health care, retirement, and other benefits that used to be the selling points for working for the “Man,” many people are re-thinking this whole “employment” thing.
As families struggle under the financial strain of employment tremors caused by the New Economy and Globalization, people like Travis and Summer Flaherty have turned to Network Marketing as a better way of life.

We all want what is best for our families.  We want to spend more time together, we want to have more life-bonding experiences, we want to help our kids with their dreams, which is really hard to do when we ourselves are struggling to stay afloat.
We all want a better way of life and Network Marketing just might be that better way for you.
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