Tradesman Series Micro Semester

Monticello College announces a new Micro Semester in Washington County, Utah.

The Tradesman series micro semester answers the dilemma of students who do not want to go to college but still want to prepare for and earn a good wage. Each micro semester provides academic entrepreneurial instruction and closely monitored master craftsman hands-on training, a pattern of America’s historical educational system.

Micro semesters are intended to provide students with basic tradesman skills and knowledge. Participants will practice the unique activities associated with:

  • Design and Build of Permanent and Temporary Structures
  • Solar Systems Install
  • Excavation Processes
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset
  • Personal Responsibility and Maturity

Upon completion, students will be equipped to advance in the workforce as experienced construction laborers, equipment operators, heavy truck drivers, or start their own business. Graduates will understand and have experience in basic hand and power tools, as well as heavy equipment operation and methods. In addition students will focus on interpersonal skill development necessary for working with others effectively. Under expert supervision they will develop into star employees, successful business owners, and good citizens.

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Microsemester Tuition Payment

Price: $ 1,500.00
Students can join the micro semesters every Monday morning throughout the year beginning March 1, 2022.
$ 0.00