Straw Bale Construction Workshop

Straw Bale Construction Workshop 2022

Monticello College Campus
July 24-30, 2022

Straw bale construction is growing in popularity and social acceptance. This is a very hands-on workshop. There is room for everyone and a job for everyone. We have worked with strong and energetic 20-something men and women to 65 year-old grandmas. There’s always something for everyone to do.

Experience the entire process of straw bale construction (no finish work) from start to finish. There will be classroom explanations of the entire process before we begin construction. We have patient, energetic, and vibrant instructors and college students who will guide you through the entire process. For the over-achievers who like to max-out and “suck the marrow from the bone,” we will offer classes most mornings on off-grid related subjects such as:

  • Grey water use
  • Composting
  • Soil development
  • Apiculture basics (Natural Beekeeping)

Meals will incorporate as much of our campus produced “better than organic” food as the season will permit.

What to Expect From This Workshop:

  • All aspects of straw bale construction by actually building a 1,600 sq. ft. building
  • Pre-construction classroom explanation of all procedures
  • Reading engineered plans
  • Pouring a foundation basics
  • Earthen floor basics
  • Placing toe-ups
  • Bale quality and moisture content
  • Stacking bales, proper placement, and bale modification
  • Window and door bucks
  • Box beam construction and placement
  • Compressing the bale wall
  • Wall treatment/preparation for plaster
  • Truss placement and roof construction
  • Wiring basics
  • Plumbing basics
  • Plastering basics
  • A step-by-step digital manual of the process used in the workshop

Camping or RV onsite is permitted with limited shower and restroom facilities.

There are several motels in Monticello (1.5 miles) to choose from, but reserve a room soon. We have 3 million visitors coming to our region each year.

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