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Word Cloud "Freemium"My last post was how to maximize the internet to build your Network Marketing business.
It is the wave of the future and smart money always investigates new ideas.
This post announces the most earth-shattering Disruptive Innovation to Network Marketing the world has ever seen. I am so excited I am having trouble keeping my thoughts together.
Ask yourself this: Why have companies like Spotify, Pandora and DropBox made their founders overnight multi-millionaires?

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Freemium is the strategy those pioneering companies used to cracked the code. It’s not rocket science – it’s called FREEMIUM: premium services given away FREE to hundreds of millions of people.
Once customers use the product for free for a period of time, the company then  gently offers other services with a price tag, but by then the customers are in love with the company and very happy to upgrade.

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  • Jim Sanderson

    Thanks for your post. I always come away with inspiration. I appreciate your linking up NWM with Business Model Innovation (BMI). For such a long time NWM has been considered an orphaned model in the business world. It’s good to see some synergy taking place. In my startup I am seeing the value blending BMI, Virtual Interning, and the Internet. For people living in rural areas this blend has great potential. Thanks again for your inspired encouragement.

    June 27, 2015 at 10:19 am

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