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Funding Is Half Way There

monticello_college_largeLast month we sent out an email (The Right Idea At The Right Time) comparing the beginnings of Monticello College to other now well-known colleges and universities.
We showed you the simple solution used by many institutions of higher learning centuries ago and how it stabilized those schools to become the great educational pillars they are today.
We laid out our building plan and shared our initial funding goal for phase one of this campaign which is to secure 100 individuals or families who support Monticello College and are willing to donate at least $25 per month for 24 months.
imagesWe are happy to announce that many of you heard our appeal and have committed to help us.
To date 32 donors are providing monthly donations totaling $1,357 per month, just short of 50% of our goal. To those who are currently donating, thank you so much, we appreciate your sacrifice and support.
If you have thought about supporting us but haven’t done so yet, please reconsider and help us rebuild our American tradition of liberty and independence through Monticello College.
If $25 a month is too much, any amount would help, not only financially but, sometimes feeling the support of others buoys’ us up in ways that are not easily measured.
As we mentioned in our first email, our curriculum is in place, the campus property is completely paid for, the first building is completed and in use, three mentors are currently teaching classes and three more are in training. The administration and faculty have been carefully selected and are men and women who have dedicated their adult lives to be instruments in the fulfillment of our mission:

Monticello College is dedicated to cultivating an education and environment that foster public virtue, induce moral character, and emulate the courage and foresight of the American founding period, preparing our graduates to guard the principles of liberty.

liberty1Help us to establish a training ground for public virtue, moral character, courage and foresight to guard the principles of liberty.
Liberty is our legacy.
To join our monthly donation campaign, please go to Robert Morris Foundation. For other donations and to keep up with the Monticello Campus Building Project, go to Campus Building Project.*
* All donations to this campaign will/should be indentified as Robert Morris Foundation/MC contributions.  The Robert Morris Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) philanthropic organization that has partnered with Monticello College.Funds raised via this campaign may only be use to develop the campus of Monticello College.

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