Graduate Admissions

Admissions Calendar

Graduate Application Process

  • Submit Graduate admission application with $75 non-refundable application fee
    A $25 late fee will apply for all applications submitted after the deadline. MC will accept applications after the admissions deadline, but admission is not guaranteed.
  • Choose application Path A or Path E

Path A – Academic

  • Submit official college/university transcripts for all schools attended.
  • Submit three letters of reference.
  • Submit an essay (min. 1,500 words) addressing the statement, “The role of liber education in American Leadership.”
  • Submit all other related fees, documents and transcripts by the deadline.

Path E – Entrepreneur

  • Submit a historical summary of your business including number of employees, company accomplishments, employee training program, and social impact.
  • Confirm business ownership by supplying the following: copy of business license, website address, and report of annual revenue.
  • Submit three letters of reference.
  • Submit an essay (min. 1,500 words) addressing the statement, “The role of liber education in American Leadership”
  • Submit all other related fees by the deadline.

Graduate Application Deadline: January 15

One week after submitting the application, students should contact MC to arrange for an academic interview.

Students who are accepted into the degree program and who at any time thereafter fail to enroll in classes for two or more consecutive semesters must reapply. Readmitted students do not lose credit for previously completed courses, but they are subject to the current graduation requirements of the program, which may have changed and may not include all of the courses a student has previously completed.

*Online applicants have a relaxed admissions policy. Online students may transfer as on-campus students once they have proven proficiency in the on-campus admission criteria.

Tuition and Fees

Figures shown are for a full academic year.
Master’s Degree
Tuition $8,000
Residency (Board and Room)* $3,448
Total $11,448
Books* $500

*Board and Room may vary; all single students will be housed on campus. Books may vary and are the responsibility of the student. All candidates pay a $75 application fee. All accepted students will receive the Founders Scholarship until 2025.

All candidates pay a $75 application fee. A $25 late fee will be assessed for applications that arrive beyond the due date.

Master’s Degree On-campus Payment Plan

The annual amount for tuition and fees is $11,158. State law prohibits payments for more than one semester at a time. You may pay a semester in full ($5,579) or enroll in a 4-payment ($2,789.50 per payment) installment plan. A 10% charge ($270) is added to each installment payment. Each full installment payment with finance charge is $3,059.50. There is no penalty to pay-off the installment plan early. A late fee of $50.00 is assessed for each late installment payment. A written commitment that the student will pay for the complete year in which he or she is enrolled is also required. First semester tuition is due 60 days before the commencement of the semester, second semester tuition is due 30 days before the commencement of the semester.

Refund Policy

All enrollments are subject to a three business day (M-F) cooling-off period, commencing with the day the initial deposit or payment toward tuition is made, until midnight of the third business day following such date, during which time the contract may be rescinded, and all monies paid refunded. A written statement of withdrawal received by Monticello College or postmarked before midnight of the third business day, shall be deemed as meeting the terms of the cooling-off period. In order to receive a refund beyond the cooling-off period, any enrolled student who is dismissed or who withdraws must submit a written statement of withdrawal and refund request. Monticello College shall retain $150 of tuition and/or fees as a nonrefundable registration charge. A percentage of all tuition/fees paid over and above the nonrefundable registration charge shall be refunded for the current academic period within 30 days of disenrollment. Refunds shall be made according to the Tuition Refund Schedule below:

Date of withdrawal of the enrollment period for which the student was obligated Portion of tuition and fees obligated and paid that are eligible to be refunded to the student
Before cooling-off period expires 100%
Prior to the semester start date 85% (minus $150)
Within the first 5 days of the semester 50% (minus $150)
Within the next 10 days of the semester 20% (minus $150)