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How’s Your Imagination?

 images (1)Wow! We are almost to the next level of our orchard fund raiser!! You have donated $5,960 only $40 from the benchmark of $6,000 and only $5,000 from our total stretch goal of $11,000.


 images (5)Imagine that the orchard is already full grown and the trees are producing fruit. It might look something like this.

Imagine students managing the orchard, learning to organically repel pests and the best horticulture practices for planting their own orchards some day.
images (6)Students will harvest the fruit and sell apples to the public, make all kinds of apples dishes for campus consumption, and best of all…. MAKE CIDER!

Crowd-funding allows hundreds of people to be a small part of a great legacy.

images (2)For just $10 per family, you can play a very important part in our legacy.

A LITTLE FROM A LOT is the key to success.

There is Nothing Like Fresh Cider! And there is nothing like the learning experiences and knowledge that our students will take away with them forever after experiencing a harvest and cider season.images (4)

GO TO Barnraiser. Help us make a difference!

How many students will be changed forever because a lot of you gave a little. Please help us impact generations of students.

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