Vern Cox


Vern Cox is married to Joyce Christensen and they have 8 children. He has 3 earned degrees, a BA in psychology, and both a Master’s degree and a Ph.D. in marriage and family therapy.

Before becoming a college professor (mentor), he had a diverse and interesting career that started with the Bureau of Land Management, followed by a stint as a Learning Disabilities teacher, and finally a marriage and family therapist, working his way up to executive director of the High Country Counseling and Resource Centers that served two counties in Wyoming.

Dr. Cox served for several years on the board of a charter school and he has taught at Monticello College for 5 years. Dr. Cox remains heavily involved in his community and the home schooling movement.

Dr. Vern Cox is the lead Mentor at Monticello College, where he teaches around the curriculum including Hebrew, history, mathematics and many other subjects. He has extensive background in marriage and family counseling, having held a number of administrative positions during his first career. He holds a BA in Psychology and both a Masters and PhD in Marriage and Family Therapy. He lives with his wife and several married children on their multi-generation farm in Southern Utah.