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Monticello College Greenhouse Video Log 2016 – post #2

02-Gardening-Onions copyI am always experimenting with the growing season here. I want to know first hand just what the limits of an unheated greenhouse are.
Today’s post unfortunately proves that what we have done in the past, with seeding trays indoors and planting the seedlings in the greenhouse with grow cloth about the middle of April, is the most viable approach for our 7,000 foot elevation.
I was hoping for better “in the ground” results ,but I am up against unforgiving natural laws.
Heating the greenhouse is a possibility but that would require a lot of fuel to keep the ground temperature above freezing. Our alternative, which we have proven out in the past, is to tolerate the inconvenience of a table of seeding trays (many more than are shown in the video below, generally 8-10 trays) in the house or sun room but which still allows us to cheat the cold weather and have a jump on the growing season.
There is planting shock, but generally not too bad and the plants are thriving within a few weeks.
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