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The Dawning Of A New Era

images (4)We have been saying for years that the day would come when the concepts and results of a liberal education would again be valued in politics, business, and society in general, that citizenship would enjoy a renewed position of importance in our nation, and that statesmen would rise up in our capitols to provide courageous leadership in the face of party politics—particularly one’s own party.
That period of history has just commenced.
We believe that when Senator Rand Paul stood on March 6 to filibuster the U.S. Senate John Brennan consent vote, and spent nearly 13 hours to call the executive branch of the United States government to account for its unclear policies regarding the use of unmanned drones in U.S. airspace, he unwittingly triggered a movement back to the principles and values upon which this nation was built.
Paul’s determination to personally take a stand against the executive branch—an act many in his own party have rebuked him for—shows the triumph of personal conviction over party hierarchy.
imagesMuch of his testimony and debate during this famous filibuster, detailed the convictions that all lawmakers should espouse: principles of sound government, accountability, the value of the rule of law, acknowledgement of Divinity, and the firm foundation and lessons from history.
Rand stated that he had not planned this filibuster in advance, so I think it is fair to surmise that the stream of support from both sides of the aisle was fairly spontaneous and genuine.
It shows that when someone leads out for truth and right, others will follow.
Not all Americans will instantly embrace these ideas and values—in fact, we predict that most Americans won’t—but we firmly believe that enough mothers and fathers will refocus the education of their children, that enough business leaders will reevaluate the purpose and methods of their businesses, and that enough political leaders will rise up as statesmen to lead the charge for liberty—to make a real difference.
This is why Monticello College exists, we are dedicated to cultivating an education and environment that foster public virtue, induce moral character, and emulate the courage and foresight of the American founding period, preparing our graduates to guard the principles of liberty.
images (1)It will take time to clearly discern the impact of this event.
But we predict that Pandora’s box has been opened and more and more Americans will look to Paul’s example and begin to take such measures in their own lives, which will undoubtedly lead to an increased interest in the founding principles, that have set America and the United States as a light on a hill.
P.S. I challenge you to watch all 12.5 hours of the filibuster (C-Span or youtube) as a show of solidarity for his act and as a means of responsible citizenship.  We did at Monticello College.

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Comments (4)

  • Pam O'Dell

    Let’s hope our President watched as well. He should take a lesson in Leadership from Congressman Paul. Actions speak louder than words, an old bromide, and this action spoke volumes. Let’s hope the rest of Congress takes a lesson from this, which even had (some) the left leaning media standing up and cheering.

    March 9, 2013 at 3:50 pm
  • Forrest Brown

    Senator Paul did take a stand. His father has passed on a lot of courage to him. I hope he runs for president in 2016. The other side seems to be prepping Mrs. Clinton who a month ago lied about what really happened in Benghazi. Four Americans died because this administration did not want a conflict to come up right before the November election. Remember, Obama said he had the terrorist on the run.

    March 9, 2013 at 4:10 pm
  • Mama Rachel

    I love it! I have been a long time supporter of Senator Paul and his father before him. My children and I will start watching the rest of it over the next week for our homeschool. History in the making!

    March 9, 2013 at 4:34 pm
  • Marcos Uboldi

    Senator Rand Paul is a real man….just like his father, America’s Apostle of liberty, Congressman Ron Paul. Rand Paul’s actions remind me of a local political figure, who would sometimes be ridiculed for his actions while he served in the Utah Legislature. I’m speaking about Bill Orton. Bill Orton believes in sound government and in protecting liberties. Unfortunately many individuals in politics believe that they have been sent to congress to “pass a bill” or just vote along “party lines.” Bill Orton sometimes would be called “No Bill Bill”, due to the fact that in many legislative sessions he participated in, he would not propose any “new Bills.” I believe that Rand Paul, as well as Bill Orton, understand that their primary responsibility as political men, is to protect and safeguard our liberties. I applaud these men’s courage and conviction and I hope that others will rise from obscurity and do the same. So here’s to Rand Paul and Bill Orton…….God speed brethren!!!!

    March 10, 2013 at 9:42 pm

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