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The Golden Circle

goldencircle copy. 400xjpgSimon Sinek teaches that people are motivated more by the “why” you do something than by the “what” you do.  His words caused me to stop and consider if I communicate enough my “why” for Monticello College.
He said, “what you do proves what you believe.” That really grabbed me.
I have been so focused on funding this campus for the past 2 years that I may have confused some of you.
I know I confused myself.
Spending the last two months at home focused on teaching has really helped me to see clearly that my actions must be centered around training social leaders and statesmen. The building of this campus will happen when the time, the right people, and the resources come together.
But for now, let me clarify why I will spend the rest of my life training leaders and building this college.
What Do I Believe?
I believe in the sanctity of life
I believe in human immortality
I believe in the love of a good woman
I believe that family is an expression of natural law
I believe the content life is a result of loving, servicing and sacrificing
I believe the highest express of conscious life is eudaimonia (see Nicomachean Ethics)
I believe in liberty, georgics, and self-governance
I believe in a Supreme Being
I believe that a liberal arts education is the best means of instilling and strengthening my beliefs
I believe that with the right education, your children will be America’s next leaders in industry, business, community, religion, and politics
I believe that how you lead now in your communities, businesses, religions, and politics does make a difference tomorrow

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