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The Right Idea At The Right Time

The right idea (no matter how small) at the right time (no matter how difficult)—is still the right idea at the right time.
The “right idea” of Monticello College has something in common with many long-standing institutions of higher education such as Yale, Harvard, William and Mary, Hillsdale, Brigham Young University, Southern Utah University, and Thomas Aquinas College.
Monticello College shares a common beginning history with all of these institutions of higher education. All of these institutions started small, began virtually unknown, were supported only by a small group of enthusiasts, and faced plenty of distracters.
Take Harvard for instance, founded 1636, Harvard or the New College as it was first named, struggled right from the beginning and even temporarily closed its doors more than once during its first three decades.
Like those named above, it began under trying times, with only one mentor (professor) and 10 students.  Faced with constant financial uncertainty, but determined to fulfill its mission, Harvard’s leadership finally stabilized its financial base with small monthly donations from individuals and families who supported the school’s mission.
That is precisely what we are asking the supporters of Monticello College to do now.  We have stabilized our monthly overhead and salaries, but we still need help with building the actual campus, keeping in sync with our no-debt building plan. Over the next 6 years, we intend to build enough facilities to house and provide all academic needs for 128 students and 3 mentor families on campus.
This building plan consists of 4 phases:
Phase One (completed)
Purchase of 43 acres of undeveloped land
Phase Two (first building 95% completed)
The John Adams Village (construction began spring 2012)
The John Adams Village is designed to meet the full residential needs of up to 64 students and one resident mentor family.  
Phase Three
The Abigail Adams Village (Scheduled to begin spring of 2015)
The Abigail Adams Village is designed to meet the full residential needs of up to 64 students and one resident mentor family.  Once both villages are completed, all male students will reside at JAV and all female students here at AAV. 
Phase Four 
Monticello College Administration Building
One mentor residence
(Scheduled to begin spring of 2017)
Our curriculum is in place, the campus property is completely paid for, three mentors are currently teaching classes and three more are in training. The administration and faculty have been carefully selected and are men and women who have dedicated their adult lives to be instruments in the fulfillment of our mission:

Monticello College is dedicated to cultivating an education and environment that foster public virtue, induce moral character, and emulate the courage and foresight of the American founding period, preparing our graduates to guard the principles of liberty. 

Help us to establish a training ground for public virtue, moral character, courage, and foresight to guard the principles of liberty.
Liberty is our legacy.
Our initial funding goal or level one of this campaign is to secure 100 individuals or families who support Monticello College and are willing to donate $25 per month for 24 months.
We currently have $525 in monthly donations and we intend to increase that by January 1, 2013 to $3,025 per month.  This will completely fund one of the student cabins, which houses 16 students.
To join our monthly donation campaign, please go to Robert Morris Foundation. For other donations and to keep up with the Monticello Campus Building Project, go to Campus Building Project.*
* All donations to this campaign will be indentified as Robert Morris Foundation/MC contributions.  The Robert Morris Foundation is a 501 (c) (3) philanthropic organization that has partnered with Monticello College. Funds raised via this campaign may only be use to develop the campus of Monticello College.

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